J. B. Velasquez


Every Last One:

The Rise of Sylvia Boone

After the fall of nations, corporations have established authoritarian control over every major city, prioritizing order over freedom. Sylvia Boone, a corporal in the region’s police force, finds herself in an impossible situation. When she discovers high-ranking elites are enabling human rights violations, she is unable to look the other way.After a deadly shootout, a bounty is placed on her head and Sylvia is forced to escape Winnipeg with a band of fugitives into the Canadian wilderness. As their quest for safety from authoritarian control and the promise of peace eludes them time and again, Sylvia trades any hopes of safety for vigilante justice.

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Tourist Trapped

What if you could temporarily travel to the Afterlife and transcend the limitations of your physical form? What if you got stuck there?Embark on a mind-bending odyssey with Tourist Trapped, where love, friendship, and self-discovery merge into an unforgettably thrilling and humorous metaphysical adventure…Follow the unexpected and mystifying journey of Tobias Munch, an aspiring novelist at the lowest point of his life, who has a near fatal accident that thrusts him into the life of a breathtaking barista, Mia, for whom he secretly pines.Fed up with the monotony of his going-nowhere life, Tobias partakes in a psychedelic ritual that transports him to the in-between, where the dead go to prepare for the Great Beyond. But when the effects wear off and Mia returns to Earth, Tobias inexplicably remains.With the help of a recently deceased musician, Tobias is challenged to re-evaluate his life and what truly matters, all while experiencing the extraordinary yet oddly familiar world of the “in-between.” When he finds out that his body on Earth has fallen into a coma, it’s only a matter of time before they pull the plug and there is no coming back.Will he ever learn how to let go of his body in order to save his life? Does he even have a chance with Mia? Who can he reliably trust? Can he even trust himself? Find out in this otherworldly, metaphysical adventure!


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J. B. Velasquez has always been an avid reader and lover of witty, satirical, and thoughtful fiction. His writing reflects upon his own inquiries and observations about life through the lens of interesting and deeply flawed characters.J. B., a psychotherapist of twenty years, lives in the American Southwest with his beautiful wife and two kids who refuse to stop growing--no matter how much he tells them to cut it out.